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Cir cum Vitae

Gallery and Art Shows


    Slap Face Coffee (Fremont, CA) July 2018

    RAW art show "Fixate" (San Francisco, CA) July 2017

    Pancakes and Booze (San Francisco, CA) Aug 2016

    Borderlands Books (San Francisco, CA) Dec 2015

    diPietro Todd Salon (San Francisco, CA) Oct - Dec 2015

    City Arts (San Francisco, CA) June 2015

    Bread and Cocoa (San Francisco, CA) May - July 2015

    Salon 9 (San Francisco, CA) April - August 2015

    Vanitea (San Jose, CA) January - March 2015

    Christopher Walken Tribute show (San Francisco, CA) December 2014

    Warehouse416 "Christmas Show" (Oakland, CA) - December 2014

    RAW art show "Current" (San Francisco, CA) - Novmeber 2014

    Allied Ink (Vallejo, CA) - October 2014

    Belltown Community Center (Seattle, WA) - July - September 2014

    Compound Gallery (Portland, OR) - July - August 2014

    SOLO Bar (Seattle, WA) - July - August 2014

    Raw Art Show "Panorama" (Seattle, WA) June 2014

    Habitude Salon and Spa (Seattle, WA) - May - June 2014

    Walnut Cafe (Edmonds, WA) - April - May 2014

    POCO wine and spirits (Seattle, WA) - March 2014

    Raw Art show "Awakening" (Seattle, WA) - February 2014

    Red Chair Salon (Seattle, WA) - January - February 2014

    Gallery 110 "White" show (Seattle, WA) - December 2013

    Rocco's (Seattle, WA) - November - December 2013

    POCO wine and spirits "Day of the Dead" (Seattle, WA) - October 2013

    Local Color (Seattle, WA) - October-November 2013

    Gallery 110 "Urban Osteology"  (Seattle, WA) - September 2013

    Coca Collision (Seattle, WA) - August - October 2013

    Artswest Playhouse (Seattle, WA) January -  February 2013
    Harborview Medical Center 
(Seattle, WA) November - December 2012
    Mercer Island Community Center (Juried Show): September - October 2012
    Gallery110: “New Blood Exhibit” 
(Seattle, WA) July 2012
    The Highdive 
(Seattle, WA) July 2012
    Market Street Shoes 
(Seattle, WA) June 2012
    Local Color
(Seattle, WA)  April-May 2012, Feruary-March 2011
    Warren Knapp Gallery
(Seattle, WA)  Ongoing 2011-2012
    Pegasus Coffee 
(Seattle, WA) January-Feburuary 2012
    Sound Spirits Distillery 
(Seattle, WA) January-February 2012
    RAW Art Show
(Seattle, WA)  July 2011
    Local Color 
(Seattle, WA) February-March 2011
    Blaubak Gallery
(Kirkland, WA)  March-April 2011, January 2011, November 2010, September-October 2010
    Gilt Edge Society 
(Seattle, WA) October 2010
(Seattle, WA) March 2010
    All City Coffee
(Seattle, WA) February 2010



    Guest Judge Puyallup Fair Art show: September 2012

    RAW Semi-finalist art completion, 2nd Place: November 2011
    Puyallup Fair 1st Place in Digital Media: September 2011

    Puyallup Fair Honerable mention in Digital Media: September 2010

    Puyallup Fair 1st Place and Honorable mention in Digital Media: September 2009

    Puyallup Fair Honorable mention in Digital Media: September 2008

    Puyallup Fair 1st Place in Digital Media: September 2007

    Puyallup Fair 2nd Place in Digital Media: September 2005

    Puyallup Fair 1st Place in Digital Media: September 2003



    Catapult Magazine: September 2013

    Midnight Muse Issue #3: September 2012
    Ruckus Among Us Zine Feature Artist: September 2012
    Ruckus Among Us Zine:  August 2012
    Visual Overature Magazine Feature Artist: Fall 2011
    EFX Art & Design Magazine Issue 38: Spring 2003
    Computer Arts Issue 75: October 2002

Graphic Design; Mixed Media; Painting; Print Design; Web Design. Tools: Adobe Suite

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