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In the mid-19th century you couldn’t do much about your lame horse, a sick turtle, or that rabbit you kept as a pet later to find its half-eaten carcass in your front yard. Animal doctors were far and between, and very expensive- if you were able to find one. Your only option was to either wait or see if it got better, or to put it out of its misery when it didn’t. It was a sad century for young girls and boys who just wanted something to call a friend.


In 1867 Ingrid and Joseph Waterhaus were well known veterinarians who emigrated from Europe to help with this epidemic spreading across the United States. They weren’t your typical animal doctors though: they didn’t have any cutting edge equipment or special salves or tonics to heal your beloved pet. They didn’t even have a hospital, and they didn’t even need your pet to be alive...


Yes this family of veterinarians could bring back the lives of any animal their clients wished to bring them. Not fully restored to flesh and blood though. They could only go as far as reviving the bones of the animal and attaching its soul back to it.


While the original Waterhaus or no longer with us, their grandchildren are still practicing veterinarians who practice this dark art. So, if you don’t mind playing fetch with a dog skeleton or having your cat’s uncomfortable pile of bones taking a nap on your lap. Then feel free to give Dr. Waterhaus a call.

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